About Me

Hello to you Game of Thrones fans!


My name is Sara. I come from a city in Northern Italy, Brescia, located near the romantic city of Verona.

The first time I watched Game of Thrones, it was like a revelation: the story, the characters, the atmosphere, everything was new and beautiful! I immediately became addicted to the series. Today, I’m on my 4th complete viewing of the series (yes, the 8 seasons!).

And of course, just buying books or DVDs is not enough for me: I quickly switched to T-shirts, mugs, hoodies… Anyway, as soon as I find an item with the Game of Thrones stamp, I buy it immediately!

That’s why I wanted to make this site, so that I could find my way through all the items dedicated to our mythical series.

For now, I’m concentrating on hoodies, but I’m going to enrich the site as I go along with as many objects as possible. So come back often, and I’ll be happy to do so!

See you soon!